Kool-Pak LLC


We've got you covered

With temperature-sensitive shipments, time is of the essence.

In a perfect world, every truck you send out has adequate time to dock and unload product. Sometimes your trucks are making multiple, tightly scheduled stops and the world isn't actually perfect. Distribution center loading docks get crowded, trucks are delayed, deliveries are compromised. It's times like these that KOOL PAK°® can help.

To maintain consistent temperature of your product and timely delivery of your pallets, we offer carrier drop off services at our state of the art, temperature-controlled warehouse facilities. From there, we'll manage your load-even shipments as small as a single pallet - and hold it at temperature until it's scheduled for delivery.

With chilled, frozen and dry warehouse facilities in California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, we have your carrier drop off needs covered.


From the leaders in worry-free, temperature-controlled LTL shipping, it's the promise we make to every KOOL PAK° customer: your products delivered fresh, on-temperature and on-time.