Kool-Pak LLC

KOOL PAK°® Drivers

KOOL PAK° is based in Lake Oswego, Oregon, with our main warehouse facility in Clackamas, Oregon, and strategically placed regional offices in Kent, Washington; Ontario, California; and Langley, British Columbia. We are a refrigerated carrier providing LTL (less than truckload), truckload, and pool load services. Our primary focus is refrigerated LTL so we need truck drivers who are trained to manage mixed temperature freight and understand the proper use of bulkheads.

We offer unique opportunities to our Drivers, as we provide work relationships based on our Company Values:

  • Treat all employees respectfully and fairly
  • Preserve integrity
  • Embrace technology and change
  • Do what you say you will do
  • Provide superior customer service
  • Make safety a requirement
  • Focus on teamwork

Our actions, our leadership, and our work culture embrace these values every day.

Our opportunities are unique because every new hire is an investment. For Drivers, our investment is immediate with extensive training on our claims and load management processes that have resulted in KOOL PAK° achieving and maintaining one of the lowest claims rates in the industry.

Safety is #1

Our consistent focus on safety is another way our opportunities are unique. With a Safety Director and a Maintenance Manager, we provide our Drivers with the equipment, training, and resources they need to be successful. In fact, KOOL PAK° was awarded the 2011 Fleet Safety Grand Champion by the Oregon Trucking Association (OTA).

All of our Drivers use electronic logs ensuring compliance with hours of service. Our Maintenance Manager facilitates the repair process, whether at a KOOL PAK° Terminal or over-the-road. The majority of our tractors are maintained via full-service lease through Penske, ensuring reliable, timely repair.

Our commitment to customer service, both internal and external, creates a work culture where communication is encouraged and expected. We provide each Driver with a company cell phone as well as on-board communication via PeopleNet. Drivers can contact members of the Dispatch Team to ask questions or request help with scheduling. Drivers are also directly linked to our Claims Manager, who provides support for load management issues. We provide phone numbers for the KOOL PAK° Management team, to ensure Drivers have the support they need for whatever situation they encounter away from the Terminal.

KOOL PAK° Driver Opportunities

Following are the types of Driver opportunities KOOL PAK° offers. Drivers require a clean CDL and at least one year of reefer experience.

Local: we maintain local fleets in Portland-Metro, Seattle-Metro, and Los Angeles-Metro areas. These Local Drivers handle LTL deliveries and pick-ups in their designated metro-area. An occasional Shuttle (from one KOOL PAK° Terminal to another KOOL PAK° Terminal) or Regional run might be available or necessary, although most Local Drivers are home each night.

Shuttle Driver: our Shuttle Drivers transport freight between KOOL PAK° Terminals on set schedules.

Regional Over-the-Road (OTR): the vast majority of our Company Drivers are Regional OTR Drivers. These Drivers perform multi-stop, mixed temperature (or LTL) deliveries and pick-ups throughout the seven Western States. We dispatch these trips throughout the week on a set schedule. Most Regional OTR Drivers can take their hours-of-service reset at home, unless they ask to reset while over-the-road. Regional OTR Drivers have, based on personal and business need, the ability to work as a Local Driver or a Shuttle Driver to allow additional home time as needed.

Transcontinental: our transcontinental routes are ideal for a driving team. Eastbound loads tend to be multi-stop, mixed temperature (LTL). Return or westbound loads tend to be truckloads. Our Regional OTR Drivers will also have occasional opportunities, based on business need, to travel east.

To apply for any open positions, please apply here.

At KOOL PAK°, we initiated a unique company-wide claims awareness and quality assurance program to better serve our customers. In 2013, our claims paid as a percentage of revenue with the Keep It KOOL° is .05% (the industry averages around 1%). The results? Customer-focused employees. Fewer claims. Happier customers.