Kool-Pak LLC


Chuckanut Bay Foods

"We are very happy with Kool Pak. They have given us zero issues. They are reliable and we enjoy how professional they handle business. We get communications usually a day before they are coming to pick up and they give us their time frame which really helps us in production and in shipping/receiving. From the seat I'm in, they are my favorite of the carriers we use." - Jenn, Chuckanut Bay Foods

NORPAC Foods, Inc.

"Steve, I want to thank you and your team for their outstanding efforts Friday and Saturday delivering to all of the Costco locations. Getting this accomplished in such short notice was a great team effort. Delivery to so many buildings on such short notice was no small task. Many thanks to all those involved at Kool Pak and let’s hope we never have to do that again! " -Scott Melrose NORPAC Foods, Inc.

Costco Supplier

"A major supplier to Costco came to Kool Pak with three major needs: to consolidate carriers, eliminate carrier congestion due to limited number of dock doors, and improve the poor carrier communication with the customer. As a large manufacturer of smoothies and chilled dairy drinks in southern California, their refrigerated transportation needs are critical to product integrity. The company was using three carriers and one broker into areas already serviced by Kool Pak: Regional, Transcon, and Western Canada. By bundling our services, we became the single-source solution the company sought in a transportation provider. No more dock congestion, improved communications and lower costs. Now, we send regular email notifications with pick up date and time which helps their shipping department, yields quicker loading times and increases driver efficiency. Plus, with Kool Pak’s services, the company has cut their carrier group in half. We’re pleased to provide win-win solutions that help our customers increase their operational efficiency. " -Steve Ness, KOOL PAK President and COO


"Your excellent response to our C-TPAT Security Audit allowed us to completely close this audit. We appreciate your helping us meet this important program obligation. ConAgra Foods considers this facility to have implemented all mandatory C-TPAT standards. To get all of the items closed the first time with such an extraordinary commitment to not just merely implementing the minimum required by the standards, but to actually incorporate some "above and beyond" best practices was noteworthy of acknowledgement." -Pete Peters, ConAgra Corporate Security Manager, C-TPAT Program Manager

Coyote Logistics

"You guys do a great job on all of the loads you haul for us. Your service is the best in the industry. If everyone else worked like you it would make life a lot easier for everyone else. I never have to worry about a load once you take one from me." -Coyote Logistics

US Cold Storage

"All of us at US Cold Storage appreciate working with KOOL PAK°®. We find them to be very flexible, reliable, dependable and always professional. They have a very good on time record for delivery appointments. And, we enjoy our working relationship." -US Cold Storage

Norpac Foods, Inc.

"KOOL PAK° provides Norpac with a variety of transportation services allowing us to meet our customers' expectations. This includes Full Truckload, local and regional Less than Truckload (LTL), and Transcontinental Less than Truckload (LTL) services, all with a single point of contact. Their performance has been exceptional, and their management team is committed to excellence, resulting in outstanding customer service." -Norpac Foods, Inc.

Ajinomoto Frozen Foods

"The service KOOL PAK° provides is unparalleled in the temperature controlled LTL transportation market. KOOL PAK° is committed each day to ensuring our product reaches the right customer at the right time. It's a great team and a great organization. We owe a lot of our success to the efforts they put forth for us." -Ajinomoto Frozen Foods, Inc.

S.A. Piazza & Associates, LLC

"I want to personally thank the KOOL PAK° team for the help they provided to make this happen. Last week we shipped 290 pallets, 16,240 cases, and 194,880 pizzas. It is a pleasure to work with such a great company." -S.A. Piazza & Associates, LLC

"All of us at US Cold Storage appreciate working with Kool Pak. We find them to be very flexible, reliable, dependable and always professional. They have a very good on time record for delivery appointments. And we enjoy our working relationship."
—US Cold Storage