Kool-Pak LLC


KOOL PAK°® provides LTL transportation services throughout Canada with Polar Express Transportation Services, acquired in 2012 to better serve our customers. Since 2000, Polar Express has provided temperature-controlled transportation services and is the west's best choice for transcontinental handling of frozen, chilled and dry goods.

KOOL PAK° and Polar Express offer storage capacity up to 1,000 pallets for frozen, chilled and dry product, Polar Express offers vendor consolidation, container loading and port delivery, unloading and breakdown, load reconfiguration, repalletizing and repackaging, cross docking, short hold and carrier drop off. Our temperature-controlled facility offers 300,000 cubic feet of capacity for frozen, chilled and dry product storage and handling.

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Driver Testimonial

You always know where you stand with Kool Pak. The company is the same as when it opened up in 1984. I love the challenges of LTL and the time crunch, keeps me on my toes!—Mike