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We're Keeping It Kool at KOOL PAK°®

Safe delivery of your shipment is our top priority. To achieve that, our entire team is committed to quality: careful handling of your product from pickup to delivery at your final destination and all points in between. Strict attention to detail and superior customer service ensures that any mistakes are identified early and addressed quickly to prevent damage or claims down the road.

Our extensive quality assurance program means your shipments are safe with us, and why our claims rates are some of the lowest in the industry.

Keep It KOOL°® Program

Keep It KOOL° is our exclusive, company-wide quality assurance and accountability system that includes all employees working together to ensure the integrity of your product. This flagship program is the reason behind our industry-leading, low claims rate.

Announcing Stellar Results of our Keep It KOOL°® Program

Successfully managing temperature-sensitive loads is what we do best at KOOL PAK°. Since starting our claims prevention and quality assurance program at the beginning of fiscal year 2009, the Keep it KOOL° program continues to deliver results for our customers. Now into our fifth year, we’re pleased to announce that our fiscal year 2013 results are seven times better than average pre-program figures, at an astounding .05%. That’s nearly 20 times better than the industry average.

Created as a way to involve every employee in reducing and preventing claims, the excellent results of the program continue on their long-term trend as the lowest in the industry. For FY 2013, we’ve paid almost one third the amount of freight claims since Keep it KOOL° began.

Keep it KOOL° Program Motivates Staff

Even before we started our proprietary quality assurance program, our claims paid were far below the industry average of 1% of revenue, at .36%. Since the inception of the highly successful Keep it KOOL° program, KOOL PAK° employees have consistently brought the number of claims down to an average of .13% for the past five years running.

Through the Keep It KOOL° program, we incorporate process improvements and provide regular feedback to employees about the causes and negative effects of claims. The results include satisfied customers, increased customer loyalty, and improved customer relations, while improving the bottom line and our corporate culture.

KOOL PAK° is committed the continued success of the program. That means our customers are assured of safe handling of every shipment from pickup to delivery. And that leads to fewer freight claims. Our employees’ hard work and perseverance continue to make a substantial difference to KOOL PAK° and to our customers across the U.S. and Canada.

How It Started

What's unique about Keep It KOOL° is the top down involvement throughout the organization. The interdepartmental teams help educate everyone to understand how their performance can impact the successful delivery of every customer's shipment. As the leaders in worry-free LTL shipping®, we created this unique program to serve you better.


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